Through our team program we foster social bonding and teamwork among our dancers, creating a supportive community where lifelong friendships are formed.  We are dedicated to providing a platform for our teams to showcase their talent. Our studio has become known for developing several undefeated team, a testament to the hardwork and dedication and exseptional coaching provided by our instructors. We specialize in different styles of hip hop which include street dance, krumping, uprock, break dancing, jazz funk, popping and locking. We have a team available for every athlete, regardless of age and skill: Tiny (4-6), Mini (6-9), Youth (9.5-12), Junior (10-15), Senior (12-18), Open (14 & over), Dance Abilities (5 & over). In addition, we offer Coed, Prep team, exhibition, parent team, as well as the oportunities for solos/ duets and  trios.