Elonzo Coppins
Elonzo, also known as "Zo," was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a man of many talents, including street dancing, choreography, artistry, graphic design, DJing, and producing, making him equipped for success in various fields. With over 30 years of experience as a dancer, Zo is not only a hip-hop pioneer and dance historian but also has extensive expertise in working with and choreographing dances for athletes with special needs. Throughout his illustrious career, he has collaborated with renowned artists such as Gregory Hines, Usher, Outcast, Dru Hill, Tyler Nelson, Pretty Ricky, Red Bull, Shayne Sparks, and Karen Clark Sheard, among others. His work has been featured on TV shows like MTV's "Taking The Stage," BET's "Comic View," Showtime at the Apollo, and Gospel Super Fest. Additionally, Zo has contributed to movies such as "Rage in Harlem," "Stomp the Yard," and "Honey." Zo remains one of Cincinnati's most sought-after choreographers.
Robyn Tamara Blanec Gaston

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Robyn is a highly accomplished individual with a deep passion for dance. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati and South Western Medical College, she possesses a remarkable ability to develop and create hip-hop dance teams that consistently rise to become champions. Beyond her exceptional dance skills, Robyn's true talent lies in her ability to positively influence the lives of her students, helping them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Robyn's extensive list of accomplishments includes being a former member of the University of Cincinnati's Dance Team, an NFL Bengal Cheerleader, and a Cincinnati Stuff IBL League Basketball Dancer. She has also served as an assistant choreographer for the team. Her talents have been recognized on esteemed platforms such as Showtime at the Apollo, where she emerged as a winner, and BET's Comic View, where she showcased her skills as a guest performer. Additionally, Robyn has lent her talents as a backup dancer for renowned recording artists like Reggie Calloway and gospel sensation Karen Clark Sheard.

Not only has Robyn excelled in her performance career, but she has also dedicated her time and expertise to teaching at various studios, schools, conventions, and workshops. Her passion for dance shines through as she guides and nurtures her students, instilling in them a sense of discipline, self-expression, and confidence. Through her mentorship, Robyn has made a profound impact on the lives of her students, helping them realize their potential and turn their dreams into reality.

Tila Lane
Tila resides in Fairfield, Ohio, where she shares a loving home with her husband Chris and their three children, Jaeden, Carter and Carinna. Tila's journey in dance began at her aunt's esteemed dance studio, "A Step Ahead," located in Middletown, OH. It was within the walls of this studio that she received comprehensive training in various dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, tap, ballet, and contemporary.

With a competitive spirit and undeniable talent, Tila embarked on a journey of traveling to numerous dance competitions, where she consistently emerged victorious and garnered multiple awards. Her exceptional skills were also showcased in various performances, where she dazzled audiences and earned recognition through accolades.

Tila's pursuit of excellence led her to connect and train with esteemed choreographers in professional workshops. Collaborating with industry icons such as Laurie Ann Gibson, Wade Robinson, Shane Sparks, and Nacho Pop, she continuously hones her craft and expands her artistic horizons. Despite balancing the responsibilities of motherhood, she also fuels her passion for acting by attending commercial auditions, adding yet another dimension to her artistic endeavors.

Throughout her career, Tila has shared her expertise with numerous high schools and studios in the Cincinnati area. Believing in the value of quality over quantity, she instills this principle in both the competitive dance realm and the art of dance itself. Tila is driven by a profound passion for fostering connections with the emerging talents of Cincinnati, dedicated to shaping brilliant dancers who embody the spirit of the city's future.


Christyn Womack

Christyn Womack, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been immersed in the world of dance since the tender age of 3. Her journey began with a strong foundation in gymnastics at Cincinnati's Gymnastics, where her talent and dedication propelled her to break the vault record and earn a place on the prestigious Wall of Fame. Currently, Christyn is an esteemed member her school's gymnastics, cheer and dance teams at Lakota East, showcasing her versatile skills and commitment to excellence. Her exceptional abilities were recognized as she achieved the coveted title of All American Cheerleader.

Driven by a thirst for artistic expression, Christyn currently attends Butler Tech, a performing arts school, where she focuses on the study of dance. Her dedication to her craft has granted her the opportunity to work alongside renowned choreographer Rosero McCoy, further expanding her skill set and artistic repertoire. Additionally, she has had the honor of performing as a backup dancer for national recording artist Shanice Wilson, lending her talents to elevate live performances.

Christyn's talents have been showcased on a national stage, earning her recognition and accolades. She graced the pages of Holla Dance and Cheer Magazine after her remarkable achievement of winning two national titles at Dance Worlds and Dance Summit in Orlando, Florida while dancing for Fully Loaded Dance Studio. Notably, she achieved this incredible feat alongside her talented sisters and teammates. Her individual contributions were acknowledged as she received numerous awards for winning contests, demonstrating outstanding showmanship, and displaying remarkable improvisational skills.

Recognizing her exceptional abilities and passion for dance, Christyn was hired at Fully Loaded Dance Studio, where she finds joy in sharing her knowledge and expertise with young children. Her instructing and teaching capabilities have left a lasting impact on her students, earning her admiration and respect. With an unwavering passion for dance and choreography, Christyn aspires to pursue a career in the field, driven by her desire to continue growing as an artist and making a profound impact through her artistry.

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